Bazooka Mama Productions was founded in 2011 by award-winning director Carlos Graña. The company was named after Carlos’ dog. She has since passed, though her spirit endures:

Bazooka Mama at play

With teams out of Los Angeles, we have filmed across the US, EU, Latin America, and Asia. We tell stories on film: commercials, promos, narrative films, and music videos. Through concept development, writing, direction and production from script to screen, we create original, impactful ways to convey meaning. 


"There are few professionals who truly understand how to translate imagination into a set of measurable business tools, who can look with a deft creative eye through a savvy marketing lens and still maintain the integrity of genuine art -- in fact, Carlos may stand alone in this. He is a storyteller to his core, and it makes all the difference in his work."

"I am touched beyond belief by this video . . . I’ve never seen my story captured in such a beautiful and unique way."
- Omidyar

"I watched the Harvest 2011 video. Then again, then again, then again.
I have never felt prouder about and more attached to what we do.
Simply beautiful work."

"Carlos . . you really did a fantastic job! I’m so impressed!"
- Sonen Capital

"Carlos' talent for beautifully capturing stories elevated the quality of our videos. He was a pleasure to work with and I would work with him again."
- Net Impact