Bazooka Mama Productions was founded in 2011 by award-winning film director Carlos Graña. We strive to tell beautiful, compelling stories on film. Available for hire worldwide, BMP makes independent films and commercials with production teams out of Los Angeles. We have filmed across the US, EU, Latin America, Australia, and Japan.


"There are few professionals who truly understand how to translate imagination into a set of measurable business tools, who can look with a deft creative eye through a savvy marketing lens and still maintain the integrity of genuine art -- in fact, Carlos may stand alone in this. He is a storyteller to his core, and it makes all the difference in his work."

"I am touched beyond belief by this video . . . I’ve never seen my story captured in such a beautiful and unique way."
- Omidyar

"I watched the Harvest 2011 video. Then again, then again, then again.
I have never felt prouder about and more attached to what we do.
Simply beautiful work."

"Carlos . . you really did a fantastic job! I’m so impressed!"
- Sonen Capital

"Carlos' talent for beautifully capturing stories elevated the quality of our videos. He was a pleasure to work with and I would work with him again."
- Net Impact


“Hello. . . Hello, daydreamer. . . DAYDREAMER!”

What!? I snapped out of my world. It took a second to bring my first-grade teacher’s face into focus, inches from mine. I hadn’t even noticed her approach in that noisy classroom. My brain “rewound” the last few seconds before her interruption and, sure enough, she had mouthed something at me, no idea what. She smiled and touched my nose: “That’s it. From now on, you’re the Daydreamer."

Maybe this has happened to you. Since childhood, when I hear a song or see an image that moves me, I play its story in my head. Wherever I am, the outside world is turned off for a moment and a riveting film projects within. Sometimes it’s a scripted adventure with a beginning, middle, and end. Other times it’s about textures, colors, places, action with no particular reason, beginning, or end.

Until I am snapped out.

In a sense, I've been making films since childhood. Films are where I belong, a realm that doesn’t exist yet. The practical world has never seemed a fit. I perform functions because I have to: I have to eat, sleep, dress, fill out forms, pay bills. But the real world is in my stories - more specifically, in the emotions derived from those stories. Those emotions are real. Experiencing them is living. For years I had no idea what to do with my stories, that others might want to see them, much less offer some “practical” side benefit in exchange, that my stories could somehow feed me. Until I discovered filmmaking.

My goal in life is to tell meaningful stories, to experience the joy in transferring their emotions into you. I find that as thrilling as it is challenging. It takes research in the subject matter, it takes empathy and a deep understanding of human nature and audiences, it takes an expertise in the craft of filmmaking which I hope to continue perfecting forever.  

I am an American film director born in New York, of Peruvian descent, living in Los Angeles.