We are a film production company. We offer:

  1. STRATEGY: Employ our consultation and planning expertise to save you enormous amounts of time and money down the road. We clarify goals, then align your resources with a tailored workflow that efficiently hits your objectives.

  2. WRITING: Give your video the soul and spine it needs to stand out from the crowd by employing our concept development and scriptwriting talent. Engaging video needs a story, a story is born from an idea, and that idea is developed and communicated with a solid, creative script.

  3. PRODUCTION: From videography through editing, hire our award-winning, high-quality video and multimedia service for a polished, professional look.


How do you best engage and retain viewers with video? How do you move a viewer from watching passively or turning away to clicking on, sharing, or paying for a product? The answer is with emotion. People, audiences, customers engage and purchase emotionally. That’s human. We are far more likely to buy, share, or remember a product that touches us emotionally, one that makes us feel something, than one that doesn’t. Video has the power to do that.

So how do you create a video that makes people feel? Is it with elegant or spectacular cinematography? A cool product or stunt? Visual effects? No. At its most effective, enduring level, it’s with story. 

Listen to this cat walk on a piano:

That’s what most videos are online, cute for a few seconds but in essence random noise. After a few seconds the cuteness wares off, we are bored, it even becomes annoying, and your video is lost as “content” on a crowded internet. It’s done.

Now listen to this gorgeous piano piece:

How is it gorgeous? Why does this tune make you feel while the previous one doesn’t, when both pieces involve a piano and keys pressed? Is it the brand of piano, the quality of the microphone, the lighting, graphics, or cinematography? No. This one is touching because of the thought and planning put into it, because of its composition and structure. This one is touching because of the writing.

Of course, the piano is designed for human hands and not a cat, but without composition it’s only noise - you might as well have paws. There is purpose to this second piano piece, and that purpose is in the writing, in the story, which informs the hands how to tell it. That is how you move someone to feel, to engage, share, retain, and purchase.

Story is how you stand out from the noise.  

Story development and writing is a trained skill and topic for another chapter. But consider this: If you know what a piano is and have heard others play it beautifully, does that make you a pianist? The keys are within easy reach, but could you hammer out a beautiful, moving tune without study or practice? If you haven’t learned to play the piano, for the love of god spare us all and don’t give a concert. Hire a pianist. Likewise, if you’ve never studied or produced extensive film writing, hire a professional writer and filmmaker and together let’s move the world.

Let’s spare everyone the sound of another cat walking on piano keys.